Baroness Thatcher an inspirational leader

Richard Ashworth MEP  leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament commenting on the passing of Baroness Thatcher said:

Baroness Thatcher  was an inspirational leader and a great Prime Minister who saved our country, who showed great courage and conviction throughout her career.  Baroness Thatcher transformed the United Kingdom from a country that was at the behest of the trade unions into a modern functional economy.

She was  a true patriot who stood up for the interests of this nation and was one of the best Prime Minister’s we have ever had.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan helped to transform the political map of Europe. Their strength in facing down the communists inspired millions of people from Central and Eastern Europe to believe that freedom could be achieved.

In the ECR group we sit beside a number of MEPs from behind the old Iron Curtain – a prospect that we could not have dreamt of thirty years ago. So many of our friends from countries like Poland and the Czech Republic tell us that they came into politics and fought for their freedom thanks to the action taken by Thatcher and Reagan.