No need for EU high tech speeding device in cars

The EU has drafted proposals to introduce a High-Tec device into cars to prevent them breaking the speed limit. The Intelligent Speed Adaption technology would be able to detect the road speed limit and apply a car’s brakes automatically if the limit was exceeded.

Ostensibly, the European Commission’s Mobility and Transport Department justifies their proposals as a safety measure to reduce the number of road safety incidents each year. However, this policy shows a disgraceful disregard for British motorists’ freedoms.

Britain has the best road safety records in Europe and we won’t allow it to be compromised by such interference. In fact, it would be dangerous to deny motorists ultimate control of their vehicles.

So not only would this suggestion be costly, it would also be counter-productive so far as road safety is concerned. Motoring organisations all agree that it is far better to leave car and van-drivers in complete control so they can respond to circumstances on the road.

The Commission claims that this is not yet legislative proposal; if or when the Commission presents this to the European Parliament, rest assured that the Conservative MEPs will not accept this.