Conservative MEPs working tirelessly to remove EU red tape

8227395516_1d104a0315Conservative MEPs are working tirelessly to remove the red tape, to grow both the British and European economies.

With lessened red tape, studies suggest that the economy could grow by up to 4% in some sectors. I support the findings of the business-led task-force report presented to the UK Cabinet which has thirty recommendations to address barriers to competitiveness, starting companies, expanding business, cross-border trading and innovation.

The European Commission needs to take these sensible recommendations on board, reducing the burden for British businesses who currently are forced to comply with unnecessary red tape.

The task-force suggested a ‘common sense filter’, and that is precisely what is needed both in the legislation and the subsequent coverage. Headlines this week reported a study listing the number of words in EU legislation as evidence of EU restrictions on trade. Easily flawed studies such as this are unhelpful, we should instead be focusing on the quality, not quantity of legislation. That is the real issue.

Less red tape will stimulate the economy: prospective employers in the South East would have fewer barriers to starting new SMEs. Youth unemployment could be tackled with more flexibility in the labour market. The UK could maximise its benefits from the Single Market.

Conservative MEPs are taking a common sense approach to reducing red tape in European Union legislation.