More people than ever in work

South-East MEP welcomes new employment figures

 Richard Ashworth the leader of the UK Conservatives in the European Parliament, and MEP for the South-East, has welcomed new employment figures for the South-East;  “the painful decisions the government has made are now showing they were the correct decisions, with more people in work across the country.  I am pleased in the South-East there has seen 69,000 more people in work this quarter.”

Across the South-East region the number of people in employment is up by 69,000 this quarter, and up by 163,000 since the general election in 2010, meaning that across the UK more people are in work now than ever before.

Recent unemployment figures show that in the South-East unemployment is down by 12,000 this quarter, and down by 6,000 since the election. The economy is showing positive signs of recovery after several years of painful decisions.

In the European Parliament Conservative MEPs are working to deliver a more competitive economy that will create even more jobs for the UK. In particular we have ensured the EU cuts its budget whilst focusing more money on job creating measures like cross-border research programmes; we have secured exemption from regulations for small businesses; we have seen off attempts to limit the number of hours we can work; and we’ve shelved EU plans on maternity leave that would have cost £2.5 billion to British business.

There is more to be done if we are to make the EU help British businesses, instead of standing in their way. That’s why, working with David Cameron, we are leading a campaign to radically cut EU red tape and meddling, and eliminating the barriers that impede businesses from starting up, growing, employing and trading. We are the only Party that can deliver a radically reformed EU that helps the continued recovery we want to see in the South-East’s economy.