Two seat European Parliament system step closer to end

EU flag large 110411The wasteful two-seat system in the European Parliament is a step closer to seeing its last days.

UK Conservatives won a key vote to end the “travelling circus” of 766 MEPs, 3,000 staff and 25 trucks carrying documents and equipment decamping to Strasbourg in France, to meet there for three days each month.

The European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee voted to adopt a report, which is being hailed as a potentially-historic step towards stopping the wasteful two-seat system. It is the first time that the Parliament has formally set out its intention to pursue a policy of treaty change to end this crazy state of affairs.

Unless something changes, the two-seat system is set to cost taxpayers something approaching a billion pounds over the course of the EU’s next seven-year budget programme. I could suggest better ways to spend that money that can help make Europe more competitive and more prosperous.