No to EU Social Scoreboard

Local letter sent to regional media 28 November 2013

I am concerned that Eurocrats in Brussels are attempting to extend their influence further into matters which must remain with nation states; this week the so-called Social Scoreboard as proposed by a Socialist member of the European Parliament could give license to the EU to meddle in matters such as health care, benefits and housing policy.

Conservative MEPs are fighting against these plans which would score member states on measures such as child-poverty levels, access to healthcare, homelessness and on a decent-work index. Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs however voted in support of the EU intervention. Despite the fact that the report is presented in the context of the single currency, there is no clause exempting countries outside the Eurozone, such as the United Kingdom.

This is an attempt by socialist members of the European Parliament to create a role for the EU as Europe’s social conscience. And, worse than that, they want to appropriate powers to supervise and intervene in the manner in which member states deal with social problems. They want to set up an EU social police.

Nobody would oppose attempts to eradicate poverty, ill health and homelessness, but I firmly believe this is a matter for individual nation states to tackle, not Brussels based European Union institutions.