UK bee colonies collapsing at alarming rate

Letter send to local media 10 April 2014

I am concerned that in the UK and other northern European nations, bee colonies according to a recent EU study, are collapsing at a faster rate than in comparison to southern Europe countries like in Greece and Italy.

The decision by the European Union last year to ban the use of chemicals like neonicotinoids which are used in pesticides, has been linked by some scientists to the alarming collapse in bee colonies across the UK and northern Europe.

Let’s not forget how important wild bees are in acting as vital pollinators to the eco-system.  The role of bees is extremely important to mankind’s ability to feed  the population, so it is vital that we do all that we can to help support the bee population to recover.

I am urging the European Environment Agency to reassess bee safety of all neonicotinoid pesticide products, to re-examine or suspend all conditional registrations until there is a better understanding on how to manage risks, and require clear labels so that consumers know that these products kill bees and other pollinators.