Richard Ashworth Conservative MEP for the South East

EU police forces must do more to combat human traffickers

Richard Ashworth MEP speaking to the BBC said that he was “indignant” that police forces from the European Union are not doing enough to prosecute human traffickers, criminal gangs, who are trafficking refugees from places like Libya, Syria and  sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaking on the Julia George show on BBC Radio Kent, Richard Ashworth Conservative MEP for South East England expressed his anger that the problem of illegal immigration is down to organised crime gangs exploiting the human tragedy of some of these people, and EU members states failing to prosecute these gangs.

“At any one time there around 2000 migrants camped out in Calais and I suggest part of the reason some of these people are bought there, are by people traffickers and organised criminal gangs. Let me be clear the whole system is operated by illegal people traffickers. These people can quite easily be picked out, and I am indignant that the police forces of EU member states, to my knowledge, have never apprehended these criminals and have never put them before the courts”.

“It has now come to the point where these criminal gangs are over-loading small boats from Libya in the Mediterranean and literally hundreds of people drown. These are serious criminal actions and they must be held to account by the police forces across Europe and from destination countries”.


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