BBC Five Live: We need a pan-European solution to the illegal migrant issue

Today I spoke with BBC Five Live on the illegal migrant issue (29/7/2015)

We need a European solution to address the problem of illegal migrants entering the United Kingdom from Calais which has caused massive disruption to the lives of the people of South East England.

The government needs to take ownership of the problem of illegal migrants, by accepting that the Dublin Regulation is not fit for purpose. We need to redraft the laws at a European and national level to compel source countries to receive and retain its citizens when they have been legally repatriated from EU member states.

It is my view that we need to support the planned increase in the overseas aid budget that the Department for International Development (Dfid) manages.  I believe that it is time however that the British taxpayer should see real value and return in the overseas aid budget, with investment and projects targeted by our government, that will aim to tackle large flows of its population leaving.  Source government’s must be helped to grow and manage their own economies in order to reduce the need for people to migrate to Europe.



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