Ashworth backs rapid response to Europe’s migration crisis

On Monday 12th October, Richard Ashworth, Conservative MEP for the South East of England backed an amendment to the EU’s budget for 2015 that unlocks a further £593mn (€801.3mn) for measures to tackle the ongoing migration crisis in Europe.

The increase in the budget will be paid for by making cuts and savings to existing programmes totalling £348.5mn (€470.6mn) and by increasing the budget by £244.9mn (€330.7mn).

The money will be used to strengthen Europe’s borders and provide aid to those in camps in Lebannon, Turkey and Jordan.

Richard Ashworth MEP, spokesman on budgets for the Conservatives in the European Parliament said: “Regrettably, a number of countries have failed to live up to their promises to provide money to the United Nations for feeding and housing refugees in camps across the Middle East. The EU has stepped in to help to address the lack of funding.

“Dealing with the migration crisis at source and across Europe will help to alleviate problems in the UK. On top of that, these proposals come at a low cost so they represent good value for money.

“Ultimately, this package shows the value of the EU: Member States coming together, to solve a cross-border problem.”