European Parliament approves measures to tackle growing threat from terrorism

The following was sent to the local media in the South East of England on Thursday 26 November 2015.

Sir, Your readers might be interested to know that in response to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and the increasing number of EU citizens becoming radicalised by Islamic extremists, Conservatives in the European Parliament voted to enhance cross border co-operation and information sharing, in the fight against radicalisation and violent extremism.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg has voted for strategies on the prevention of radicalisation in prison, including the option for segregation in prisons; and educational and community initiatives which engage with civil society, communities and religious leaders.

The recommendations focus on the need for better cooperation between law enforcement authorities in Member States and how EUROPOL, CEPOL, and EUROJUST can play a more substantial role in preventing and detecting radicalisation.

The report also stresses that internet companies must take responsibility for ensuring that they take substantial steps towards stopping radicalisation online, through their cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

The radicalisation of young people is a real threat, not just facing the UK or France, but to all of Europe. It is essential that we develop at European-wide strategy, which allows better cooperation between law enforcement authorities in Member States and those at a European level.

With more and more people travelling to Syria to be trained and to fight for ISIS, and then attempting to return to the EU to carry out terrorist attacks, there is a real need for information sharing and preventative measures.

I support the European Parliament’s calls for important passenger flight information sharing agreement to be adopted in order to help prevent and prosecute terrorism.