‘Tampon Tax’ deal demonstrates British influence within the EU

Richard Ashworth, MEP for South East England, has welcomed a deal struck by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and other EU leaders to allow Member States the ability to reduce the rate of VAT applied to sanitary products to zero.

The ‘tampon tax’ issue was raised in March last year by Conservative MEPs who questioned why the EU Commission had not zero-rated the products.

Following the European Council summit in Brussels Mr Ashworth said: “The unanimous agreement by European leaders to allow for the scrapping of the so called ‘tampon tax’ is a victory for common sense in the EU. Sanitary products for women are clearly essential items, not a luxury, and should not be liable for VAT.”

“This agreement is a sign of the influence the UK has with its seat at the top table in Europe. The UK has led calls for a reform of existing VAT rules and it has been able to deliver change which will bring real benefit to British consumers. I will be supporting the proposal when it comes before the European Parliament in the near future. “