EU students boost jobs and growth in the South East

EU students at universities in the South East of England generate £420m for the region’s economy and directly support 4,021 jobs, according to new analysis from Universities UK.

The study analysed the economic impact of EU students across all regions and nations of the UK. Currently, there are around 125,000 students from other EU countries studying at UK universities, representing 5% of the total UK student population. The top 5 EU countries sending students to the UK are: Germany (13,675 students), France (11,955), Ireland (10,905), Italy (10,525) and Greece (10,130).


Across the UK, EU students at UK universities generate a total of £3.7bn for the UK economy and support over 34,000 jobs.


Richard Ashworth, Conservative MEP for South East England, welcomed the findings stating: “These figures are an important reminder of the positive impact EU students have on our economy in the South East. Not only do EU students make valuable cultural contributions to local communities, they also spend money and create jobs across our region.”


“Leaving the EU would make it harder for European students and researchers to come to the UK and thus restrict our own prosperity unnecessarily. We would be shooting ourselves in the foot as European academics will choose to go elsewhere, strengthening our competitors and weakening the South East’s universities and economy as a whole.”

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