EU must do more to help farmers in the South East


Richard Ashworth, Conservative MEP for South East England and Agriculture spokesperson, has called for greater action to help farmers in the South East during a debate regarding the ongoing farming crisis held in the European Parliament.

In an exchange of views with EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, Mr Ashworth called for the creation of a more competitive and resilient agricultural industry to address the crisis affecting farmers across Europe. Whilst EU efforts to help alleviate sharp falls in farm incomes have been welcome, these alone will not maintain farmers’ economic viability. Conservative MEPs have championed simplification and greater market-orientation of the Common Agricultural Policy to this end.

Richard Ashworth MEP said during the debate: ” What the Commission can, and must, do is find ways to help the industry become more productive, more competitive and more sustainable. Agriculture needs research and development investment, innovation and simplification. Above all, agriculture needs regulation based on common sense and proven science, not on emotion.

“The Commissioner and farmers understand this well. It is unfortunate that too many members of this house do not.”


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