Statement by Richard Ashworth MEP

It has come to my attention that I voted against an amendment to encourage national parliaments to ban “gay conversion therapies” on 1st March.

As an MEP I vote on hundreds of amendments during a Strasbourg plenary session and occasionally I vote the wrong way. Normally this voting error would have been flagged up and corrected but it was missed.

Regardless, this was a mistake which I deeply regret so I want to clarify I am opposed to so called “gay conversion therapies.” I also want to apologise for any offence caused.

There were 48 other amendments to the report and, amongst other things, I voted in favour of:

· the rights of same-sex couples to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States

· welcoming the fact that more Member States have adapted their laws on same-sex marriage

· calling on other Member States to adapt their laws

· calling on the Commission to bring forward a proposal for the full recognition gender recognition and marriages across the EU and

· on the final resolution (which was adopted)