This is the only deal

Richard Ashworth MEP for South-East England and member of the EPP group in the European Parliament has warned Members of Parliament wanting to vote against Theresa Mays “Brexit Plan” on Tuesday 11 December the so called “Chequers Deal”, that was the “only deal, without question or renegotiation”.

“No deal means no transition, which will have a major impact on the South-East of England, hitting immediately freight from the ports of Dover into the EU, aviation out of Gatwick for UK registered airlines, and the cornerstone of being a member of the EU Freedom of Movement will be restricted.”

Richard Ashworth MEP continued to stress that “with the Bank of England underlining repeatedly that in the best case scenario of leaving the EU is that we will be measurably worse off, the worse case scenario we would be significantly worse off after leaving the EU.”

Referring to the referendum that took place on 23 June 2016 Richard Ashworth MEP said “people should ask themselves if this is what they really wanted.”

Richard Ashworth MEP campaigned for the UK to remain in the UK during the UK referendum and has called on a second referendum to determine without equivocation the future of the UK relationship with the EU.