Be careful the conclusions you draw

Richard Ashworth MEP speaking with BBC Radio Kent said that the Prime Minister Theresa May was “damaged” and that the vote in Parliament on Theresa Mays “Chequers Plan” was a “defeat by all opinions”.

“There are three options now” according to Ashworth, firstly a General election; “both leaders share the same policy, so there is no point in having an election” Richard Ashworth said to Ian Collins on BBC Radio Kent.

A second referendum Peoples Vote, the problem here is that MPs are decision makers, not delegates, they are best placed to judge what is in best interests of the nation’s prosperity and influence around the world.

The third and final option is for the PM to play for time until the only choice remaining is between the agreement or a hard Brexit.

Richard Ashworth MEP has added his name to calls supporting a second referendum, or a Peoples Vote.