Ashworth the “people are entitled to have a second option”

Richard Ashworth MEP for South East England speaking to BBC Radio Kent underlined his support for a second vote to determine the UKs future relationship with the EU, in a new referendum which will allow the people to vote for Theresa May’s “Chequers Plan” or remaining in the EU.

“People now understand that we have to answer a clear question; the Customs Union are you in it or are you out of it, which has no tariffs, no customs, and life goes on as before. If you’re outside you become a “third country” I don’t care if you call it Norway or Canada there will be a hard border in Ireland and Dover. UK companies will be disadvantaged. The “pot of gold” that was promised to the British electorate of bilateral trade agreements post-Brexit just isn’t there.”

“The only possible approach now is to put the question back to the people asking them in clear terms “this is what you voted” are you sure you want this?”