“There is no Brexit scenario that benefits the UK”



Richard Ashworth Change UK candidate for the South East of England in the European Parliamentary elections on 23 May has warned voters that there “is no Brexit scenario that benefits the UK”.

In a speech made in Canterbury in Kent Richard Ashworth said:

“Three years ago, no one told the people what they were voting for, partly because the leavers couldn’t agree among themselves what Brexit meant, and partly because there was never a manifesto.”

“Ever since that time, all the people have had are empty promises. The leavers promised   … there was “no downside to Brexit”  “easiest trade deal in history”….”all the cards in our hands”,  and  a Brexit dividend of  £350 million a week for the NHS.”

“And the Prime minister promised; “frictionless, borderless, continuity of trade with the European Single market”.   Even though her red lines said ‘no customs union’ .”

“Either way,  there is no Brexit scenario that benefits the UK.  In all cases not only would the country be worse off, but we as individuals will be worse off too.   That’s not just my opinion…all economic forecasts … CBI, IMF  and even the governments own impact assessment gave that warning.”

“It is perfectly obvious the government cannot deliver the promises it made.  It’s clear that the government has lost the trust of the people; and it’s clear the nation is divided like never before.”

“We in Change UK  will fight to remain in the EU  That’s why Change UK demands a public vote.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. Richard Ashworth has represented the South East of England as a Conservative for over 14 years until he was expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against a technical vote in the European Parliament on progress on Brexit. Richard left the UK Conservatives and then went to join  the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP).
  2. Richard joined Change UK The Independent Group in March 2019 and won the #1 nomination on the European Parliamentary elections.

For media enquiries:

Email:  info@richardashworth.co.uk