Ashworth “Populism is a cancer on society.  Populism always talks of problems; never solutions.”

Richard Ashworth Change UK The Independent Group European Parliamentary candidate for South East England in a speech made in Brighton on Sunday 19 May warned “populism is a cancer on society”.

“On question of broken politics.  Democracy means governance for all the people not just the few.  I am saddened that the majority in the House  Of  Common’s  seem prepared to put self interest before country,  and I am shocked how few of them appear to have the courage to say or do the right thing by their country.”

“Similarly, democracy can’t work without integrity, honesty and the truth.  And I find it deeply worrying that this country seems so ready to accept the lies, the cheating and the deceit.   We  have more to do before people really realise what we are saying.”

“My greatest concern;   this is, and always was, about more than just Brexit. It’s the rise and rise of ugly populism.

Populism is a cancer on society.  Populism always talks of problems; never solutions.   Populism appeals for patriotism…. and then shamelessly crosses the line into nationalism. Patriotism is good….nationalism is dangerous. It lifts the lid off so many dark forces in society.

And, to populists, it’s always someone else’s fault.  Pick on minority groups, pick on migrants, pick on any sector who can’t answer back.”

“None of this is new. Europe saw it all before in the 1930’s. and it doesn’t end well.”

“In Britain today, it is as if voters and media have become seduced and intoxicated by cheap wine and there is no sign that the British people realise the danger they face.”

“So this is about much more than this election, it’s  a fight for the soul of the country.  A  country that is fast heading in the wrong direction and the Conservative and Labour parties have thrown in the towel.”

“Change UK shines out a bright light of hope in a very dark time. I salute the wisdom of those 11 MPs who set up Change UK.  Standing on values and principles is a thankless lonely task.

The courage they have shown has been truly inspirational.They deserve all the support we can give.”

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