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“Brexit cannot be delivered as promised”

News Release: 

Date Tuesday 7 May 2019

Immediate Release

Richard Ashworth the Change UK The Independent Group candidate in the South East of England addressing an election meeting in Reading on Tuesday 7 May said:

“The people have realised that the promised Brexit can’t be delivered, either because of unrealistic expectations… or deliberate lies and deception.”

“That’s not what people were promised, and it’s not what they voted for, It’s clear the majority don’t want Brexit that damages them and their country, and that’s mirrored by the House of Commons, which is deadlocked.”

“That’s why I say enough is enough…. we can’t go on like this.  That’s why I support Change UK.”

“A middle ground party formed by break away MPs from both parties.

we are moderate, pragmatic politics,  we are passionate about remaining in the EU and we are calling for a peoples vote.”

“We are there for 1.5 million Brits abroad, and 3 million Europeans living here . They don’t deserve the uncertainty.”

“We are there for young people….  the group of people who never got a say in their own future.”

“And we will be there for the people who were persuaded that Brexit was an opportunity to register a protest. About austerity, about inequality, or anything else…they were told it didn’t matter, because there were no downsides to Brexit.”

“These are the people who can least afford to be financially worse off, and yet these are the people who will be hurt most.”

“We are there for the people who want to stand up to populism.   And we are there for all those people who feel let down and abandoned by the two main parties.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. Richard Ashworth has represented the South East of England as a Conservative for over 14 years until he was expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against a technical vote in the European Parliament on progress on Brexit. Richard left the UK Conservatives and then went to site with the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP).
  2. Richard joined Change UK The Independent Group in March 2019 and won the #1 nomination on the European Parliamentary elections.

For media enquiries:

Email:  info@richardashworth.co.uk


Ashworth welcomes Cameron deal

Reacting to the Cameron deal, Richard Ashworth, MEP for South East England, said:

“I congratulate the Prime Minister for a successful conclusion of a very difficult negotiation. I welcome the fact that we will now have a straight-forward option to reject laws from Brussels that are not to the benefit of the British people. Furthermore, we can now reform our benefits system in a manner that is reasonable and fair to the British taxpayer. I believe that, in this fast changing and ever competitive world,  the best interests of this country, and of our children’s future, lies at the heart of the European Union.  I therefore welcome this deal and give my full support to the Prime Minister.”