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European Parliament recognises need for better regulation from the EU


Parliamentarians from across Europe have voted in favour of British-backed proposals calling on the EU to avoid unnecessary regulation in the Single Market.

The Report approved by the European Parliament explicitly states that new European legislation for the Single Market should only be introduced if it increases competitiveness, stimulates innovation and helps to creates jobs. It also emphasises that rules should only be created at the European level when it is more helpful than creating 28 different sets of rules.

Richard Ashworth, Conservative MEP for South East England, welcomed approval of the Report stating: “This vote is evidence of how the EU recognises that creating more and unnecessary legislation is not the right approach.”

“The purpose of the Single Market is to help businesses trade and gain access to the 500 million consumers within it. It is not meant to increase costs, it is meant to reduce costs. I welcome the core of this report which states that the EU should only legislate when there are clear and tangible benefits to businesses, consumers and citizens.”