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Ashworth calls on supporters of the UK to REMAIN in the EU to vote Change UK on Thursday

Date:  Wednesday 22 May 2019

Richard Ashworth the Change UK The Independent Group European Parliamentary candidate for South East England has called on the people who support the UK remaining in the EU to vote “Change UK” on Thursday.

“Let’s be clear there is no Brexit scenario that benefits the UK.  In all cases not only would the country be worse off, but we as individuals will be worse off too.   That’s not just my opinion all economic forecasts CBI, IMF and even the governments own impact assessment gave that warning.”

“We now know that delivering the Brexit the people were promised would do untold damage to this country. That’s because it was based on lies and unrealistic fantasy.”

“On Thursday 23 May the people of the South East of England must send a strong message to the current government and the rest of the world that the UK wants to remain in the European Union.  The best way to do this is to vote Change UK and support all the parties advocating the UK remains in the EU.”