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LBC interview “the UK does not have an obligation to help Greece”

Richard Ashworth Conservative MEP for South East and member of the European Parliament’s Budget Committee told John Stapelton on LBC this morning that the UK does not have an obligation to assist Greece under the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

“The Greek people expressed a wish to stay in the Euro, but they can only do so if they stay within their means. Key in that is they must tackle corruption in the public sector and whole sale mass tax evasion.”

“The Greeks will only receive money in stage payments only on the basis that reforms are undertaken.”

“The UK could be asked to make a contribution of £800 million to Greece only if budgetary procedures are triggered, that is a suggestion the European Commission has made.  The UK Government is quite right to resist this suggestion.  The UK is not in the Eurozone, and this is a question for the ECB and the IMF to deal with.”

Responding to assurances that the £800 million would be repaid to the UK Government Richard Ashworth said:

“We are not members of the Eurozone and we do not have an obligation to assist.  While it might be said that the money will be repaid, it will be over a very long period time”.


SYRIZA will take Greece out of the frying pan and into the fire

On news that  far-left political party in  SYRIZA in Greece has won in a resounding victory sending shock-waves across Europe.

Richard Ashworth Conservative MEP for South East England in a strong warning to the new Greek government said:

“There is no easy way out for the Greek economy and the Greek people. Let’s not forget it is not the fault of the international community that over 30 years consecutive Greek governments have failed to raise or collect taxes. The Greeks should be under no illusion that their debts will simply disappear because Mr Tsipras is Prime Minister. I am afraid Greece has chosen to go out of the frying pan into the fire.”