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More fundamental solutions needed to address the refugee crisis

Lines sent to national and international media following Malta Conference on the refugee crisis 12/11/2015

Increased aid to help solve the refugee crisis does not tackle the fundamental problem of mass population movements from southern Europe to northern Europe.

Richard Ashworth Conservative MEP for South East England reacting to the agreement by heads of state at the Malta Conference to provide over £1 billion in aid to tackle the refugee crisis said:


“It’s now time that we accept we face a crisis not seen in recent times, with potentially millions of refugees fleeing the Middle East and Africa into Europe. The agreement by the Prime Minister at the Malta Conference to bolster the EU Africa Trust Fund is one step to alleviate the refugee crisis.   We need however a more fundamental solution that will see these population movements from south to north stop, with solutions that will see these people remain in their own  countries and not risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean sea.”