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Statement on expenses

The following statement relates to the parliamentary expenses of Richard Ashworth MEP:

Richard is an active member of three committees in the parliament, the Committee on Budgets, Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as being a substitute member of the Committee on Budgetary Control.

He receives exactly the same salary and pension contributions as all 750 MEPs, and works all week to deliver a better deal for Britain in the EU. The majority of the funds provided for MEPs to carry out their duties are flat-rate allowances given to all MEPs, and not claimable expenses.

Along with his Conservative colleagues, Mr Ashworth has voluntarily published breakdowns of how those allowances are used in his work to deliver the best deal for the eight million people in his large constituency which covers the South East of England.

Mr Ashworth submits his spending,  confirmed annually by an independent Chartered Accountant, as being fully in line with the rules of the European Parliament. The publication of the breakdowns of allowances and expenses can be found here: http://conservativeeurope.com/MEP-Expenses