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Ashworth supports People’s Vote “only way forward”

News Release: 

Date Friday 10 May 2019

Immediate Release

Richard Ashworth candidate for Change UK The Independent Group in the European Parliamentary elections in the South East of England has underlined his support for a second vote supporting the “People’s Vote”.

“It was never made clear what the people were voting for.  The Referendum promises were all based on emotion and ideology but never facts, and there was never a manifesto.

There wasn’t even agreement among leave supporters about what leave meant.”

“But; that didn’t matter we were told, because there was no downside to Brexit.  We were promised this would be the “easiest trade deal in history”  because “all the cards in our hands, Britain would prosper in the sunlight uplands, and, as a Brexit dividend, the NHS would get an extra  £350 million a week.”

“How can the will of the people suddenly become so specific that on one hand leave means it is essential to support the  exact detail of the withdrawal agreement,   and yet, on the other hand, so broad that it is a mandate for  departure with no deal at all.  You can’t use it to justify any and every scenario that you choose.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. Richard Ashworth has represented the South East of England as a Conservative for over 14 years until he was expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against a technical vote in the European Parliament on progress on Brexit. Richard left the UK Conservatives and then went to site with the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP).
  2. Richard joined Change UK The Independent Group in March 2019 and won the #1 nomination on the European Parliamentary elections.

For media enquiries:

Email:  info@richardashworth.co.uk