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Water storage in the South East


Across the South East we saw water companies impose a hosepipe ban because of chronic water shortages, only to be lifted in July following what many described as monsoon-like rainfall.

It is high time we looked at how water is being stored across the South East with a new focus on the creation of reservoirs.

The Environment Agency has predicted that temperatures will rise by 1.3% – 4.6% across southern England by 2050 which will lead to an 80% decrease of summer run-off gatherable rainfall available.

South East Water have said that 75% of its water supply is dependent on ground water.

The company is now embarking on a $390 million plan to ensure clean and safe water continues to be delivered in the South East.

I would be interested to receive your views to see if South East Water is doing enough to preserve and provide water across the south east. We must not forget the public and politicians have an important role in formulating policies that affect our daily lives.

Please email me your views at richardjames.ashworth@europarl.europa.eu

Yours Faithfully,

Richard Ashworth MEP